Ohio Whole Wheat  

This soft red non-gmo wheat was grown and ground on our farm in Marysville.  It is Whole Kernel with no preservatives, so use it within a few weeks or freeze for longer shelf life.  Protein:  9%.  Enjoy!


We plan to add more types of flour to our lineup including corn, rye, and sprouted grains.  Check back often! 

Wheat Bran  

We sift our fresh stone gound whole wheat flour to remove the bran.  This is the part of the kernel that is very high in protein and fiber!  Makes a great addition to many dishes!  

Pastry Flour

This fresh stone ground flour is finely sifted to produce a light flour.  80% extraction.  Protein: 9%  Grown and ground at Rustic Brew Farm!

Ohio Cornmeal

Our We cool grind our non-GMO corn in our stone mill to produce a nice whole kernel cornmeal that retains all its flavor and nuturients. Grown and ground at Rustic Brew Farm!