Pilsner Malt  Our Lightest 2-row brewer's malt imparts a light golden hue to your beer.  This lightly kilned malt has a sweet malt aroma and light malt flavor.

Color:  1.8 SRM            Moisture:  4.0%          Extract:  81%                DP:  135 (L)

We are working on many other malts, including Pales and Crystals.  Email Matt@RusticBrewFarm.com to place a custom order!

Munich 10 Malt  Our medium-heavy kilned malt imparts a light amber color to your beer.  It has a strong bready aroma with some notes of biscuit complimenting a light roasted malt flavor.  

Color:  10 SRM            Moisture:  2.4%          Extract:  77%                DP:  26 (L)

Pale Malt  Our most popular and versatile lightly kilned malt adds a golden hue to your beer.  It imparts a light bready aroma with a notable malt flavor.  

Color:  2.3 SRM            Moisture:  4.0%          Extract:  80%                DP:  144 (L)

Cocoa 80 Malt  This caramel malt has a nice brown color and wonderful notes of chocolate.  

Color:  80 SRM            Moisture:  0.5%          Extract:  73.2%           

Corn Malt  This malted Maize can be a substitute for flaked corn, adding body and a little color to a light beer. 

Color:  2.82 SRM            Moisture:  4.8%          Extract:  72.7%   DP:  20 (L)           

Wheat Malt   Our Malted Wheat is grown right here on our farm, and lends a soft, crisp flavor to beer while adding body and haziness.  Try some today!

Color:  2.5 SRM            Moisture:  4.8%          Extract:  85%             


Raw Grains

Barley   Winter 2-row malting barley, Non GMO    

Wheat  Soft Red Winter Wheat, Non GMO        

Corn:  Our Estate grown, Non GMO corn.