Pilsner Malt  Our Lightest malt, Crisp and clean with a hint of sweetness.

Color:  2.0 SRM            Moisture:  4.0%          Extract:  81%                DP:  129 (L)

Vienna Malt  Sweet, slightly biscuity taste with a nice color.

Color:  3.5 SRM            Moisture:  43.2%          Extract:  79.6%                DP:  66 (L)

Munich Malt  Toasted biscuit taste with great color development.

Color:  14 SRM            Moisture:  2.4%          Extract:  77%                DP:  26 (L)

We are working on many other malts, including Pales and Crystals.  Email Matt@RusticBrewFarm.com to place a custom order!