RBF Malt House 2.0 is officially operational!  We are currently rolling our custom built SGK malting drum and after working a few small bugs out, we are loving the new system!  Check our malt page to see what's available, or call/email us to place an order.  

We have received a few test results on our 100% Ohio grown barley, and so far its looking good.  More Ohio malt coming your way!


Check out our 2017 Cascade hops in the first ever beer made with all ingredients from RBF:  Rustic Ohio Pale Ale at Ill Mannered Brewing Co!  It's clean and crisp and all Ohio! 

We are growing Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, and Willamette, totaling

100 plants now, but plan to expand soon.....

Go to our Malt and Hops pages to check out our inventory, or to place your custom order!


                                  Malt                                                         Hops

A special thanks goes to our first customer, homebrewer Mike Heilman for using our 100% Ohio Grown Malt!

                                           "You need more hops!"     -Graham, our 4 year old son

Want to know as soon as we have the next batch ready?  Add your email address to our mailing list!  We will let you know when our Ohio grown ingredients are ready for sale!

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